Comfort Without Compromise

Delivering improved safety and enhanced productivity

safety isn’t just about the regulatory compliance.

Compliance… a dirty word? Something to be avoided, or fudged?


Safety has a new standard. Ground-breaking technology years in the making has finally enabled us to create garments so comfortable we predict that each and every lucky wearer of an HTT garment will do so willingly and enthusiastically.

For the user: personal comfort, increased safety.

For the employer: confidence that their operatives will no longer risk safety for comfort. With HTT Corp, the two work side by side. That’s why we say: safety has a new standard.

As an example, our proprietary AirTec garments utilise the advanced technology of fabrics which embrace world-renowned Lenzing FR fibres to combine high levels of protection with unparalleled user comfort.




Independent testing by the University of Graz (Austria) confirms the effectiveness of AirTec, which provides superior sweat vapour absorption when compared to both Aramid FR and Modacryl cotton. The study assessed the influence of protective clothing on physiological performance and thermoregulation (heat stress) during physical exercise, using 18 test subjects. The tests involved recording body-core and skin temperatures, taking thermographic pictures, and measuring heart rate and performance.



The AirTec fabric used in HTT products scored significantly above competitor offerings in the body core temperature measure in particular, whilst thermographic pictures show AirTec performing significantly above Aramid (lowest score) and Modacryl Cotton (second lowest), and above FRT Cotton (which has a significantly lower protection rating). Pale blue denotes better performance than dark blue.



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