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There is no need to trade comfort for protection. Safety has a new standard.


Which workplace or operational environment does not have a tale of a facial, hand, or body injury due to the avoidance of affording oneself available protection. PPE only works if it is worn. It is too often only worn under sufferance. It is too often uncomfortable to wear. No more! Safety has a new standard.

Whether the threat is fire, asbestos, chemical, arc flash, or military engagement, we need to – and have – identified that protection and comfort can be equally optimised.

With this goal, we set out to develop our PPE range to afford maximum safety and protection to those who deserve it most. Whether on the tools, fighting fire and flood, or whatever enemy, HTT Corp delivers ground-breaking confidence which encourages personnel to always voluntarily afford themselves maximum protection.

Point of difference equals ‘want to wear’ as opposed to ‘told to wear’. For our range, please visit our Products page, or select from the below options.




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